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Welcome to Nayanmars Home Page
saivite information - stories of siva devotees, shiva sthothras, etc.

This site is dedicated to the teachings of the nayanmars - the great Siva devotees of South India.

This site contains selected thEvAram (Tevaram), thiruvAsagam (Tiruvasakam), thiruppugazh, etc. songs and some vedic texts such as Rudram, purusha suktham, narayana suktam, durga suktham, manthra pushpam, sandhya vandanam, as well as some stotras / shlokas such as lalita sahasranamam, lingashtakam, etc. in Tamil, English, Telugu, Kannada and Devanagari (Sanskrit / Hindi) scripts. A detailed word by word translation in English is also available for several padhigams and a number of other songs from saiva thirumuRais.

Vedas are the songs of sages who have expressed their experiences of God in Sanskrit. The thEvAram and thiruvAsagam songs are as important as the vedas and they express the same/similar things. The thEvAram and thiruvAsagam songs are expressions of deep devotion to the Lord. These were sung between 600 AD and 900 AD.

thirumuRai: The works of 27 great saints are collectively referred to as 'thirumuRai'. (These saints include sambandhar, appar, sundarar, mANikkavAsakar, thirumUlar, and others). These have been compiled into 12 volumes (and hence, referred to as 12 thirumuRais) containing about 18,000 songs in Tamil.

thirumuRais 1 to 7: are referred to as 'thEvAram'.

thirumuRai 8: contains 'thiruvAsagam'. and 'thirukkOvaiyAr'.

thirumuRai 9: contains 'thiruvisaippA' and 'thiruppallANdu'.

thirumuRai 10: is the 'thirumandhiram'.

thirumuRai 11: is called 'prabandha mAlai'.

thirumuRai 12: is the 'thiruth thoNdar purANam' (popularly known as 'periya purANam' ) that chronicles the life history  of the nAyanmArs.